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Lewis's Story

Lewis Paul mighty was born on the 8th of November 2004. To Mum Jaime and Dad Perry,he also had a sister Leah and a brother Morgan. Lewis was a happy healthy baby and was growing and progressing normally. Lewis first became unwell at 3 and a half years old at first displaying very vague symptoms, general malaise and lethargy along with loss of appetitie. Despite numerous docters visits Lewis was believed to have a viral infection,a bladder infection and was treated with various antibiotics.


It soon became obvious that Lewis was displaying symptoms of something more serious as he began to suffer night sweats,bone pain and severe constipation. He began to loose weight rapidly and refused to use his legs. After another A&E visit lewis was given an xray to verify the constipation. It was this single xray that was studied in depth the next day that revealed a huge tumour extending from his adrenal gland,engulfing his kidney,heart and Liver and stretching down into the Pelvis.


We were referred to Queens Medical Centre under the care of the Oncology Team immediately. And so Lewys incredible story began a story and journey of immense bravery,love,courage and Tradegy.


Lewis was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma and as we soon discovered it is one of the most deadly,aggressive forms of childhood cancer known. The cure rate is shockingly low and the relapse figures are very high. Lewis was begun on a treatment protocol that was to be some of the most toxic and aggressive cancer therapies available in the UK to date. From Diagnosis on 6th of October 2008 lewis endured Chemotherapy over 7 months, a high risk 8 hour surgery,High dose stem cell transplant, internal radiation, oral maintenance chemotherapy and extensive surgical procedures and tests.

Lewis and Robbie Savage

Lewis never reached remission and his Neuroblastoma became resilliant and resistant to drugs,Lewis was later labelled as having Refactry Neuroblastoma. He officially finished chemotherapy treatment in November 09 and was in the best possible health.Anyone who knew him knew of his passion and zest for life. He returned to full time school and excelled in all subjects,he became team captain of his beloved under 7's football team and made lots of friends. Lewis had the one thing he craved "normality".


Sadly due to the aggressive nature of the disease Lewis became unwell very very suddenly at Easter 2012 he developed double bacterial pneumonia literally overnight and his disease had rapidly progressed. He had also developed treatment related Lymphoma and possible sarcoma also.


Lewis lost his battle surrounded by his whole family very peacefully at 1.30am on the 16th of May 2012 at the QMC in Nottingham. and so The Lewis Mighty Fund was born as a legacy to Lewis, to ensure that his name will live on in the hearts of others and positively impact on the lives of children and their families being treated by The Nottingham Hospital Trust for childhood cancer. we hope you will take time to view Lewys website and perhaps help us make tomorrow a better today for many children battling Cancer.