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Our Patrons - James & Gill Morrison

James M

We have followed Lewis Mightys story for the past 4 years. We are amazed at the strength, courage and bravery he showed throughout his battle with neuroblastoma. If anyone should have the name Mighty it was Lewis and he honoured it everyday of his life.

The reason we have chosen to be patrons of the Lewis Mighty Fund is to help raise awareness and knowledge of neuroblastoma that can take children to soon, but also to help families that are going through this now. Lewis family have sadly had to go through this but understand what is needed to make it a little easier.

Lewis was 7 years old when he passed, he was a true legend, hero and fighter. Let's carry on his legacy by doing the same.

Much Love

James and Gill


James Morrison signed album


James and Gill Morrison are the patrons of the The Lewis Mighty Fund. They followed Lewis's brave battle and Gill especially was deeply moved by his bravery.

Wanting to help make a difference to children facing a similar battle the couple agreed to become patrons and support the work of the Lewis Mighty Fund on a long term basis. James is very much a believer in Music acting as therapy for children and has already provided some lovely items for this use within the Peadiatric Oncology Unit at QMC.

To read a little more on The Morrisons here is the link to his personal website.